Announces New Tour: Gocta Falls & Kuélap… Announces New Tour: Gocta Falls & Kuélap…

Gocta Waterfalls in Peru

Kuelap & Gocta Falls Tour

Discover a fascinating – and unexpected – side of Peru: the Amazonas region, near the northern border of Ecuador, offers visitors the chance to enjoy nearly unknown, colorful cultures and landscapes in peace and tranquility they deserve, before the world arrives on their doorstep. Many compare the history and beauty of Kuélap’s fortified city to an “as yet undiscovered Machu Picchu,” according to’ CEO Juergen Keller. While it’s no surprise that Peru holds its fair share of Incan archaeological sites, Kuélap, the biggest fortress of the Chachapoyas culture, is beginning to capture significant attention.’s tailor-made tour lures history buffs away from the hustle of Machu Picchu to the Kuélap Fortress, one of the largest ancient stone monuments in the “New World.” Explore the mountainous limestone terrain and walk in the footsteps of the elite “Cloud Warriors,” as the Chachapoyas were known. Learn about the precious Chachapoya culture that once filled the land and its efforts in aiding the demise of the Incas.

Then, for seekers of natural beauty, hike through the winding trails of the cloud forest until you reach the 771-meter high Gocta Waterfall. The trails leading up to this spectacular site are infused with unique flora and fauna, creating an experience with the subtropical forest travelers will not forget.

New Tour: Gocta Waterfalls & Kuelap: the Chachapoyas Experience

Why visit Kuélap now? Until now, Kuélap has been a difficult place to visit. It required winding roads and a long hike to reach the ruins, as the antiquated city remained well hidden. Over the last year, however, the local government has built a cutting-edge cable car which transports visitors from El Tingo to the entrance of the fortress in just 20 minutes, crossing the deep gorge before climbing the steep mountain.

Before the convenience of the cable car was established, archaeologists from around the world visited Kuélap for its captivating structures. Built by the Chachapoyas during the 6th century AD, the monumental city reaches a striking elevation of 3000 meters. Though construction began in the 6th century, most of the structures were built between 900 and 1100 AD, making the walled settlement older than Machu Picchu. Better yet, with small crowds, a peaceful atmosphere is assured, allowing visitors to explore over 500 structures, most of which are circular, at their own pace. Nevertheless, with transportation improving in the region, soon Kuélap may become a booming tourist destination – hastening the need to experience it while the mystery and tranquility of the ruins remains.

Gocta Falls – A Perennial Waterfall

A scenic 1 ½ hour transfer from Chachapoyas lands the visitor at Gocta Lodge, with its spectacular view of one of the world’s highest waterfalls. While “discovered” by German Stefan Ziemendorff in 2000, it wasn’t until 2006 that the waterfall earned its title of the third largest free-leaping waterfall in the world, reaching the height of 771 meters. Picturesque vantage points along the main hiking trail offer guests a view of the falls in their entirety, perfect for what one might call a “Kodak moment.”

In Addition to Kuélap,

When you are visiting the Kuélap Fortress and the Gocta Falls, why not also examine the unique sarcophagi in Karajia? This archaeological site marks the resting spot for elite Chachapoya warriors. Or, hike to the colorful cliffs of Leymebamba, and learn about the detailed pictographs that date back to 1200 AD. The terrain of northern Peru is full of (literally) colorful history and culture; it is now up to the savvy traveler to make the most of it.

This new tour makes a fantastic Peru pre- or post-extension to any South America itinerary (or enjoyed on its own), and can be customized however travelers see fit. After exploring the mysterious ruins of Peru, continue with a cruise down the Amazon, experience the mightiness of Iguassu Falls, or dance the Tango in Buenos Aires. The options are endless!

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