Attention Travelers Sharing a Passion for Italian Food, Wine &…

Attention Travelers Sharing a Passion for Italian Food, Wine &…

DiVita Tours launches the long awaited italian regional tour itineraries!

DiVita Tours specializes in regional Italian culinary, wine and culture.

The DiVita Tours team is passionate about sharing their knowledge and love of the beautiful and historic country of Italy.

DiVita Tours, based in Southern California, Florence and Naples, offers travelers relaxing and immersive food and wine tours of select regions of Italy. According to CEO Niccolo Mazzi, “The DiVita Tours team is passionate about sharing the knowledge and love of this beautiful and historic country. I was born in Florence, and Toscana is my region of choice, but of course there are many others, and DiVita Tours highlights the differences that make each region unique. From the landscapes and terrain to the history and culture of the people – and of course their unique cuisines and grape varietals – DiVita offers meticulously-planned one week excursions that nurture a profound understanding and enjoyment.”

Managing Director, Anna Amoresano adds: “The DiVita Tours team put our hearts and souls into developing the tour portfolio, personally visiting each location in the region to present the most interesting, breathtaking and decadent itineraries. We interviewed and explored hundreds of prospective alliances, people and venues, and created food and wine pairings with local chefs and Italian wine sommeliers. We are not a high-volume, tour bus, sightseeing company. In fact, DiVita Tours is quite the opposite, providing a relaxing, discrete and deeply satisfying experience for our clientele.”

About Us

DiVita Tours is an Italian wine and culinary tour company. The business was born by a team with a vision to share their Italian heritage, love and knowledge of Italian wine, culinary and history. The passion for Italy and the culture unites the team and shines through in every fine detail of the journey. Each moment is perfectly planned, and the experiences selected to heighten the senses and provide an intimate knowledge of the regional delights. From the terrains, to the history of the hundreds of different grape varietals in the country, and the regional culinary, it is the mission of the team to ensure your journey will exceed expectations.

Contact us at or in the US or Canada at 1-877-597-0013, or 305-539-0130, or Italy at +39 347 356 5211.

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Published at Sat, 06 Jul 2019 00:00:00 +0000